Top Crucial Lessons That Covid-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us!

Top Crucial Lessons That Covid-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us!

What Has The Pandemic Taught You About Yourself? It is the most ultimate question most of us might be asking ourselves after experiencing the most challenging one and half years of our lives. Definitely, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a life-altering experience for most people. And there have been some greater lessons learnt. What are they? To find out, continue reading this blog post!


Covid-19 hit the world almost one and a half years ago. And since then, everything has changed regarding different aspects of human lives worldwide. Times have been really difficult since the pandemic started. Many did lose their jobs, face loss of loved ones, struggle with financial strains, and much more. 

A lot happened and can’t be expressed in just a few words. It is difficult to articulate the journey we all went through in our lives individually in the last more than one year. However, many new things came with Covid-19. Many of us got exposed to cooking for the very first time. We started working from home, which has become a new normal now. 

However, on top of everything external, all of us went through a greater journey internally. We all got faced with a lot of harsh truths and realities of our lives, which we were ignoring for a long time. 

So, what are the biggest life lessons we learned during this pandemic? Let’s dive in straight away!


What Has The Pandemic Taught You About Yourself?

Life is very uncertain:

Yes, you heard it right! We all are guilty of this. In the daily hustle and bustle of our lives, we often forget to enjoy the present moments of our lives. All of us somewhat exhaust our times regretting about the past and worrying about the future. But, what we don’t realize is that life is pretty uncertain, and anything can snowball into something we didn’t foresee. 

So, it is very important to live in the present times. And train ourselves to appreciate what we have now and don’t cry over what we don’t. Gratitude is something greatest we all might have felt through the pandemic times. When thousands of people were struggling due to different things during the covid-19 crisis, if we were only able to have our basics intact, it was a blessing. 

Life is a gift and can alter anytime without you realizing it. So, living it with gratitude, calmness, and composure is the best life lesson pandemic has taught us. 


Health is everything:

Most of us often take our health for granted and overlook it in various ways. We don’t give proper care, rest, and nourishment to our bodies, increasing the chances of sickness and burnt out. 

Pandemic literally came as an alarming bell for us to start taking our health seriously. It’s our health that is our true wealth. Only money or our relationships are not required for us to lead a happy life. If our health is not okay, then everything can be a failure. Health is true wealth!

So, it is also one of the greatest lessons covid-19 taught us. 


Humanity is universal:

It would not be wrong to say that COVID pandemic gave a lot of distress, grief, and pain to all of us. We all felt led down and frustrated because of the ongoing situation. Our future was at stake. And some of our biggest plans get stuck because of the pandemic. 

However, as we know, humanity is something that is universal and keeps us going. For more than one year, we got to hear some exceptional heartwarming stories of brotherhood and compassion and kindness. 

Many of us lend helping hands to the needy people. A lot of charitable communities and groups have been doing extraordinary services for mankind. 

Considering this, humanity is what matters. Even if we are going through difficult times, if we are united, then nothing can break us. There’s always something greater we can do together!


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Mental health awareness matters a lot:

Mental health has been one of the most ignored subjects for a long time. Most of us didn’t care about our minds and souls. The only thing we know is our physical health. Of course, which is very crucial. However, little did we know that our mental and physical health is directly connected. 

Since the last one and a half years, the statistics of mental health challenges have hiked immensely. A lot of people faced depression, chronic stress, anxiety, and overthinking during the pandemic. 

We all got pushed to look after mental health while covid-19. Most of us went into introspection about how little we did care about our psychological health. And there’s a huge room for improvement in that area of our being. 


Human connection is all we need:

In today’s age of social media and virtual connections, we all somehow got disconnected from reality and real meaningful aspects. We might have thousands of friends on social media platforms, but in reality, we might struggle to find one true friend. 

However, the sudden outburst of coronavirus has revealed to us how important it is to have true human relationships in our lives. There’s nothing that can replace it ever. We all should come out of our social media shelves and look around and engage with strangers and real people to make true potential connections. 

People need people! Humans are social beings, and that’s the biggest facet of us!


This was about-what has the pandemic taught you about yourself. 


It goes without saying this pandemic has been a difficult experience for all of us in some small and bigger ways. However, what we learnt is primarily how adaptable and resilient human beings ever can be. We all are powerful and stronger than our challenges and possess the capability to overcome anything and everything. It just needs time, patience, and belief. Don’t lose hope! Always remember, you are bigger than your issues and hardships. Keep trying! 


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