Perfectionism: A Never-Ending Pursuit Of Happiness!

Perfectionism: A Never-Ending Pursuit Of Happiness!

Perfectionism gets perceived as a negative thing, according to brain experts. Why? Let’s find out in today’s blog right here! Perfectionism: A Never-Ending Pursuit Of Happiness! Also, you will be learning some of the top signs of perfectionism. So, without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Most of us try to do our best in different aspects of our lives. However, becoming overly critical in everything you do can disrupt your inner peace to a larger extent. A little beats of randomness and spontaneity adds joy and excitement to our being. But, for people, who always try to do everything in a perceived “perfect” way, these attributes can be a big no-no! 

Yes, we are talking about folks who follow perfectionism and how it can affect their mental health and daily life. Today, in this blog, we are going to talk about some of the top signs of perfectionism and how it’s a bad thing for you!

But, without moving forward, let’s understand what being a perfectionist is all about!


How Perfectionism Can Be Defined?

Perfectionism can be highly mistaken with high-achievers, who don’t settle for less. However, it is quite different from achieving high and not much to do with being ambitious, which is not a bad thing .  Instead, they can have a proclivity for setting lofty objectives and working hard to accomplish them. The main difference between high achievers and perfectionists is that the former can be content with doing a wonderful job and being grateful about whatever eventually happened. However, with perfectionism, people cannot accept anything less than perfection. This trait of perfectionism can be influenced by a variety of factors. 

Due to this constant juggling with unrealistic perfectionism, one can develop several mental health issues like anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and more. Having said that, perfectionism has been seen more like a personality trait, not some personality disorder. But, it gets associated with some mental health disorders, as we mentioned above.

So, this was about perfectionism. But, what are the signs of perfectionism, and how can one spot its signs insightfully? 

I am sure these questions might be popping up in your mind! So, here are some of the top signs of perfectionism, which can confirm that someone is a perfectionist. And research-backed, it’s not a very good thing, as it can affect one’s phycological health. 


What Are Some Of The Main Signs Of Perfectionism?

These are some of the major things that can put anyone in a perfectionists category!

Very hard on themselves and don’t forgive their mistakes-

Yes, it is one of the most crucial effects of perfectionism. It leads you to be very hard on yourself. You make you see each and everything with a critical eye, leaving you feeling worthless. If you make mistakes, then you don’t forget them easily. You even remember them for days and keep blaming yourself continuously regarding the same. 

Overthink a lot and lose all the productivity-

Hmm! You overthink a lot. Each and everything is something like a mission for you. You think, think, and think to the extent of getting anxious and get into a panic mode. It may also lose all your productivity. Before doing a certain task, you think so much about it, taking twice the amount of time for you to complete that work. 

Want to do everything perfectly or don’t do it at all-

It is like all or nothing cognitive distortion. Either you do some work perfectly or not do it all. Well, most of the time perfection can be unattainable, as it is based on delusion. Not to mention, there is nothing perfect in this world. Everything has some flaws or others. In fact, with new things, you cannot expect everything in a perfect way. There will be roadblocks, and you have to find your way slowly but gradually. But folks with perfectionism fail to do new things, as they expect everything to be unrealistically perfect. 

Expect perfectionism from others as well-

People with perfectionism also want their surroundings and related facets to be highly perfect and on point. That we all know is near to impossible. Everything or everyone cannot be perfect each and every time. There will be days when things will be the way you want. However, there will be times when things can go exactly opposite to your wish. This is what life is all about. But, people with perfectionism cannot help it. That’s why, it affects their relationships as well. 

Struggle with timelines and deadlines-

Perfectionism makes it difficult for people to achieve their deadlines. They might be always short on time. The reason behind this is that they get so indulged in overthinking and being unrealistically perfect that they lose track of their hours. To be honest, it is not in their hands. They cannot help but overthink and see everything with some perfect pair of lenses, which is hard for them, also others to fulfill. 

These were some of the major signs of someone being a perfectionist. If you fit into most of these points, then there are higher chances that you also might be a perfectionist. 

No need to worry! As they say, there’s nothing we cannot overcome. 


How To Overcome Perfectionism?

If one can become aware of the fact that they are facing perfectionism, then that only can make a huge difference. However, this might not be true for every kind of perfectionism. If someone is dealing with a major one, then there’s nothing better than seeking professional help. 

Talk therapy can do wonders for your condition. Always remember, perfectionism is not a mental disorder itself. However, if it continues, then it can serve in respect to some mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, OCD, and more. 

If perfectionism is making your life suffer, then seeking help is the best you can do. Observing your behavior and patterns can make you more mindful and shift your thinking to a more positive and realistic spectrum. 

You can spot your signs of perfectionism seamlessly with the assistance of a professional, leading you towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life.


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