Are You Dating a Narcissist? – Tips to deal with a narcissist

Dating a Narcissist

Narcissist. We frequently use this phrase, but what exactly does it mean? Since narcissists are egoistic, toxic, and often abusive, dating one isn’t exactly straightforward.

Being in a relationship is enjoyable and lovely, but if you are dating a narcissist, things might not be as ideal as they seem. If you date a selfish man, you might experience some complicated difficulties.

You might be able to ignore his narcissistic tendencies for a few weeks or months, but eventually, you’ll come to terms with the truth of who he is, which will cause you to feel frustrated and disappointed. Unfortunately, a narcissist will be the most challenging person to date.

Yes, a narcissist is the worst kind of man to date. Here are some characteristics of narcissistic men and warning signs that you might be dating a narcissist.

What does a narcissistic man look like?

A man who has an excessive amount of interest in themselves is said to be narcissistic. Their existence is centered around serving their self-interest, and they only consider what is best for themselves.

A narcissist will want the world to revolve around him. He’ll want to be the center of attention in the bond.

Are you now faced with the terrifying question, “Am you dating a narcissist?”


Signs of dating a narcissist in the getting-to-know-you phase

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Why would someone date a narcissist in light of all mentioned above? The fact that narcissists are frequently adept at concealing their true selves initially is part of the problem. 

Following are some indicators of narcissistic behavior during different stages of dating:


  • They lack empathy: Dating a narcissist is much more complicated because they lack empathy. Narcissism is a personality disorder, and one symptom is an inability to deal with emotions.


  • They are smart: Despite this, narcissists are very charming and skilled at making others believe they are unique, one-of-a-kind, and a perfect match, at least in the beginning.


  • They are dominating: Narcissists enjoy speaking in their voices and demand that others do the same for them. Expect many one-sided conversations when dating a narcissist.


  • They believe everything they say to be true: In a similar vein, narcissists will lash out if you try to correct them, no matter how subtly you do it. They hate to be wrong, even when it comes to unimportant things.


  • They are cold: Look closely at how your date handles the waitstaff or anyone else who has less authority than them. The likelihood that it won’t be good is high because narcissists believe that most of the world is unimportant.



1. He thinks he’s superior

Love and equality should be the central tenets of a relationship. However, in a regular narcissistic relationship pattern, a narcissistic man believes he is the relationship’s alpha and the only monarch.

One who is consumed with self-interest is what is meant by the term “narcissist guy.” They believe everything revolves around them and their interests come before everyone else’s.

He makes you feel unimportant by elevating himself above you and all other aspects of you. They believe they should be compensated for being with you by receiving some comforting concern.

2. Lack of compassion

If you are dating a narcissistic guy, you will notice that he doesn’t care about you or the things that revolve around you.

A narcissist may appear kind at first, but his true colors will eventually show. A narcissist will stress you even though you appear worn out and depressed.

People’s empathy is not something that narcissists are naturally good at. They frequently act in highly self-serving ways. Additionally, a narcissist rarely expresses regret, remorse, or guilt.

It can be frightening to interact with a narcissist. Despite your best efforts, a narcissist will likely be content with your gestures. You’ll eventually feel spent entirely.

3. Absence of accountability

It is well known that narcissists prefer to be in charge but never accept accountability. Narcissists never take responsibility for their errors or inactions.

One of the hallmarks of narcissistic behavior is the tendency to find a way to place the blame for one’s own mistakes on others.

When dating a selfish man, you never take responsibility for your actions; instead, they place the blame on you or external factors.

But most of the time, the person the narcissist is closest to emotionally, who is also the most devoted, obedient, and loving in his life, is most likely to be you.

Because you are least likely to leave or reject him, narcissists believe you are the most secure person to blame.

4. Power-seeking

A narcissist frequently plays tricks on people and acts in subterfuge.

They frequently act differently than they are. It’s well known that narcissists can switch between a variety of characters. Depending on the individual, they can adopt a different identity.

That wouldn’t be wrong if narcissists were deemed the world’s greatest actors. They do have the ability to perform well each time!

This poses a significant issue when dating a narcissist because they can easily change their speech patterns from one person to the next. They always act in character, even when they are out.

You need to be cautious and start thinking about this relationship if you notice these narcissistic relationship traits.

5. Narcissist men think they are never wrong and always right

Need to know how to recognize a narcissist? I can see it now: All narcissist men believe they are the supreme authority and possess all knowledge. They never acknowledge their errors as a result.

They would never admit that they had anything to do with anything going wrong and would use fabricated evidence or outright lies to persuade you that they were right.

One of the most concerning characteristics of a narcissistic man is his persistent need always to be right.

He begs for your full attention but doesn’t reciprocate.

6. Insufficient communication

Communication is essential for a successful and happy relationship, as we all know. If it’s missing, the relationship with a narcissistic man is toxic and detrimental to growth. It can be challenging to communicate with a narcissistic partner.

When dating a narcissist, effective communication will be impossible. Narcissistic partners often silence you during conversations because they are judgmental and controlling.

They won’t be very supportive when you share your accomplishments with them and may even belittle them. When you begin to feel hesitant to share any positive news with your narcissistic partner, it is a sign that things are not going well in your relationship.

7. He was pretty pleasant at first.

Someone who is incredibly charming and initially seems very impressive is one of the telltale signs that you’re dating a narcissist. You might only understand its charm’s deceptive nature much later.

Male narcissists frequently captivate you with their endearing personalities right away, making you want to be around them. But as selfish men’s motivations become more apparent, their allure will eventually fade.

8. He keeps glancing in the mirror.

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Try to determine whether a man is constantly staring at his reflection in a mirror if you’re trying to understand narcissistic behavior in men.

Narcissists are typically preoccupied with their appearance and how others view them. So, to find out “Is my partner a narcissist,” see if they are constantly looking in the mirror and making adjustments to look even better.

9. Extremely delicate to insult and harm

How do you tell if the person you’re dating is a narcissist? Examine their reaction to criticism and other things that lower their self-esteem.

They are easily hurt, and even the slightest slight can result in a severe loss of face.

10. They are the subject of all conversations

The fact that a narcissist always brings the conversation back to themselves is one of the most crucial indicators that you’re with one.

No of who they are speaking to or the situation, narcissists will never let a conversation linger on someone else for too long. They find a way to relate everything to themselves and discuss what interests them.


Simply put, you shouldn’t. When dating a narcissist, your emotional and physical health suffers, and you deserve better. However, if you are unable to terminate the relationship right away, here are some coping mechanisms:


We’re always taught that love transforms things, yet no matter how much you attempt to change a narcissist, they won’t change. You can endure their behavior if you can accept that.


You frequently have to choose between going their way or the high road when dating a narcissist, self-centered man or woman. Sometimes it’s better to go with the flow than to give your partner a reason to lash out until you can get on the road.


Finding support through a hobby, job, or new social group is a good idea because you can’t count on a narcissistic partner to do so. If your partner tries to isolate you, it will be beneficial, and they can provide comfort when you go.


It’s challenging and draining to date a narcissist. Journaling, therapy, and exercise are all effective ways to take care of yourself while you plan to travel, so make sure you have a method for replenishing your emotional reserves.

How to end a relationship with a narcotics addict?

It’s not as easy as it may seem to leave a narcissist because they are frequently their most dangerous when you are about to leave them. Keep in mind this advice:


According to studies, the moment an abusive partner leaves is one of the riskiest times for them, and dating a narcissist puts you in a similar situation. Telling them about your plans could cause them to lash out or try to manipulate you into staying.


You should avoid giving narcissists a chance since they can be charming when they want something. A documented list of all the wrongdoing they’ve caused you can help you fight their charm attack. Block them on social media, don’t answer calls or messages from them, and don’t react to texts.


Breaking up with a narcissist is different than breaking up with an average person. Having everything in order is crucial for your safety. Lean on friends and family for support, and make sure to log out of all accounts on shared devices. Also, make sure they can’t access your bank account.


The likelihood that you can maintain a long-term relationship with someone who has a narcissistic personality disorder is unfortunate but true. Please do not punish yourself for falling prey to their charm. They excel at it extensively. Instead, concentrate on looking after yourself and getting out of the relationship as quickly as possible. 

To summarise

The next obvious question is how to deal with a narcissist or live with a narcissist if you realize that the man you are dating exhibits all these obvious signs and symptoms.

Can a narcissist be faithful, you may even wonder?

It would not be easy to answer all of these questions precisely. But if you’re dating a narcissist, you should reconsider your arrangement.

So, if you’re dating a selfish man, seriously consider it. Don’t be scared to ask for support from professionals, either. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, after all!

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