How do I tell Him I like Him? – 12 Ways to Confess Your Feelings


How do I tell him I like him? We have all pondered this subject at least once. It cannot be easy to express your actual feelings. In a perfect world, your confession reveals his feelings for you. You tell yourself that this might occur.

Right, you have to make your shot. However, your overly cautious mind constantly reminds you of all the dangers of telling him that you like him. You run the chance of being rejected, humiliated, and exposed.

If he’s a friend, it can damage the relationship. You might cause work to be uncomfortable if he is a coworker. Suddenly, you start to wonder how anyone ever discloses sentiments. In some respects, being silent is undoubtedly simpler.

Keep your crush to yourself; it’s only a harmless notion and nothing more than a daydream. You might also disclose your feelings to him.

Don’t simply think about this man, do something about him. Continue reading to discover the most effective ways to express your interest in this man.

Ways to Let Him Know You Like Him

1. Make Sure He is Single

You need to make sure that you understand his relationship status before moving on. You shouldn’t tell him you like him if he’s in a relationship. None. Please ignore it.

You’ll need to establish reasonable boundaries to prevent your emotions from straying outside the bounds of morality. You have the go-ahead if he’s single. Without all the fuss, you can tell him that you like him.

Of course, you should check social media afterward to confirm what he’s telling you. Despite all evidence to the contrary, many people use the term “single” in everyday speech.

By the way, enquiring about his relationship status will strongly indicate that you like him. It could be more subtly done. However, it’s good. 

2. Be Upfront

Most men respond poorly to subtlety. It doesn’t. He may be more receptive to the indications that you like him back if he feels attracted to you, but he still has doubts and fears like everyone else.

Dropping hints isn’t helping either one of you in any way. Be direct. Of course, if you’re too shy to say it in person, you may do this by SMS. Ensure simplicity.

Inform him that you have a love interest in him, and see if he shares your feelings. 

If he is kind, he will be kind in his response even if he is not interested—and why would you even like him if he is not? 

3. Appreciate Him

Giving a guy a sincere compliment is one of the methods to let him know that you like him. Even males enjoy receiving compliments. They adore compliments. Inform him that you appreciate his fresh haircut or how his clothes make his eyes look.

Avoid being cheesy and avoid using Google to find anything to say. Be genuine. Spit out what you appreciate about him. After all, you most likely have a list of everything you enjoy. Tell him you’ve noticed.

It’s not even necessary for it to be physical. Find his solid points and draw attention to them. Compliments are likely to work even if he doesn’t feel the same about you as you do about him.

4. Be Confident and Brave.

You’ll need courage if you’ve decided to express your feelings to this man. Though it could be frightening, be brave.

Ultimately, our regrets are caused by what we choose not to do rather than what we did.

Be bold and ask for it since you can’t receive what you don’t ask for! Instead of wasting your time speculating about what might have happened, take a chance and find out.

Being told that someone likes them for who they are will undoubtedly make the guy feel complimented, as this is common.

You will only make yourself crazy if you continue worrying about whether he likes you. If you wait for a miracle, someone else might take him.

5. Establish eye contact

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How do I tell Him I like Him? - 12 Ways to Confess Your Feelings 5

You may almost call someone’s attention when you retain their stare. Look this man in the eye, but don’t make it a staring match.

If you maintain eye contact, you can find yourself in a situation where you notice each other across a busy room and fall in love the moment your eyes meet.

6. Overcome your rejection fear

“If I’m worried about being rejected, how do I tell him I like him?” Of course not.

You must alter your perspective to overcome that fear. Refrain from stressing over whether he will like you back or not.

I know this may be a lot to ask, but remember that if he rejects you, nothing awful will happen. You won’t come off as foolish, and it doesn’t make you unlovable or undateable.

Simply put, it suggests he isn’t the proper man for you. If he rejects you, remember that no one else would be so stupid as to pass up the opportunity to meet you.

If you don’t declare your love for him, you’ll never know if this guy thinks that way. So get over your anxiety.

7. Open up

Open up to him, share your personal experiences, and discuss your life aspirations to trust him even when you have trust issues.

You’ll gradually come to know him better if you allow him to do the same by sharing details of his life. Even before you tell him you like him, he can already be warming up to you.

8. Snap Photos Together

Have you ever been photographed with this man? Take images of the two of you if you’ve known each other for more than 24 hours.

This will show him that you want him to be a part of your life by allowing you to laugh together, become closer, and generate enduring memories of your time together.

9. Be more cheerful.

You feel good when you see someone you like and smile when you’re happy. Your crush will notice that you are comfortable whenever you are with him if you grin around him frequently.

He’ll assume that you find him appealing, and if you grin right now as you think of his name, he might already be aware of this.

10. Show interest in the topics he finds interesting.

Even though your partner enjoys baseball, you shouldn’t feel obligated to join a team without first speaking with him about it. Showing interest in everything he finds attractive will make him like you more.

Tell him if you’ve attended a performance by a band he like if you know he’s a huge admirer of that genre of music.

He might not understand your attempt to express interest, but he will recognize your compatibility, which will cause him to take note of you.

Before you’re even in a relationship, don’t have the whole thing preconceived.

If you’re wondering, “How do I tell him I like him,” read on. You’ve played over this hypothetical scenario 100 times in your thoughts. You’ve considered what you’d say and what he’d say, and you’ve thought of several alternative methods.

11. Stop! Before you’re even in a relationship, don’t have the whole thing preconceived.

Your crush might be incredible, but he still has flaws because he is only a human. Don’t look at him as the ideal man or be afraid of him.

Don’t engage yourself emotionally in this relationship before it has even begun. Keep in mind that until you get to know the real him, you’re just a girl, and he’s just a guy, and the entire Mr. Right thing is in your head.

12. When he makes jokes, laugh even if they aren’t amusing.

How do I tell Him I like Him? - 12 Ways to Confess Your Feelings 7

If you like him, you’ll do this regardless, so pay attention to it, says science. Please make an additional effort to laugh at all of his jokes, regardless of whether they are hilarious.

This is a surefire technique to catch his attention, and he’ll interpret your laughter as an indication of your interest. Additionally, people appreciate it when other people find them entertaining.


In conclusion “how do I tell him I like him”, keep in mind always to be confident. You merit affection. You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who admires you and accepts you for who you are. Rejection does occur.

The world need not end as a result. It might end that chapter, allowing you to begin a new one. Furthermore, he might be into you and be watching for a sign. Everything might work out.

You may decide whether to live with the regret of not telling him and always wondering what might have happened if you’d been bold, or you can choose the possible guilt of telling him and not knowing how it will go.

Ensure simplicity. Say it out loud. Tell him the information. It might be a part of your genuinely epic love tale or help you get over him and go on.

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