How Can Verbal Abuse Affect Your Mental Health?

How Can Verbal Abuse Affect Your Mental Health


Verbal abuse does not always necessarily have to be violent and loud. It can be subtle and indistinct. The effects of verbal abuse can be detrimental in the long run.

Sometimes our mental health can be very fragile, and with constant abuse of certain kinds, it starts degrading. Well, there are different kinds of abuse exist be it, physical, sexual, verbal, and more.

Well, today, we are going to talk about verbal or emotional abuse.

It’s one of the most prominent type of abuse people go through in their lives. Verbal abuse often gets ignored, as sometimes it is very difficult to catch it. Most of the time, we don’t notice it, and as a result of years of accumulation of verbal abuse, our mental health starts taking a beating.

Why is it so hard to notice verbal abuse?

Most of us only associate verbal abuse with yelling, fighting, anger, frustration, irritation, and name-calling. It’s a kind of misinterpretation we have! Because verbal abuse can be indefinite and silent sometimes.

Let’s understand this deeper here!

What Is Verbal Abuse?

Verbal abuse, also called emotional abuse, is the whole abusive pattern of using variety of words or behaviors to belittle, intimidate, or manipulate authority or control over another person. Insults, mockery, humiliation, as well as the silent treatment and attempts to terrify, isolate, and dominate people, are all examples of verbal abuse.

As we mentioned above, verbal abuse can be so vague sometimes, making it challenging to pinpoint. 

It can exist in every type of relationship dynamic if they are not healthy. For example, verbal abuse can be there in a husband-wife thing, also in a father-son relationship, mother-daughter dynamic, even in a boss-employee relationship. It can make you feel unworthy of love and support and push you to question your self-esteem and self-worth.

The prolonged effects of verbal abuse can leave a dent in your mental health. That can make you suffer from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and a lot more.

Understanding the signs of emotional abuse is very critical to get back the control of your life. Because if you will not realize that you are getting verbally or emotionally abused, then how come you will take any action in the direction of your mental sanity.

So, here are some of the different signs of verbal abuse. Please have a look at them!

What Are The Different Signs Of Verbal Abuse?

Punishing you for not doing what they want,
Attempting to control your life,
Isolating you from family and friends,
Attempting to make you doubt your sanity (gaslighting),
Invading your privacy,
Making subtle or overt threats,
Regular yelling,
Calling you names,
Hurling insults at you,
And more!

How Can Emotional Abuse Affect Your Mental Health?

For ages, we have only heard about physical abuse, which is, of course, very harmful and unacceptable. In fact, all kinds of abuse are a big no-no and should be acknowledged. But, without a doubt, emotional or verbal abuse has been ignored by us big time. Back in the day, nobody really talked about the harmful effects of verbal abuse and how it can impact our mental health negatively.

According to psychologists, emotional abuse can have a very negative impact on all aspects of a human being, including relationships, career, decision making, and much more. Verbal abuse, like any other form of abuse or bullying, has both short- and long-term implications. Here are some of the side effects one can have because of emotional abuse-

Feelings of shame, guilt, and hopelessness
Mood swings
Substance use
Chronic pain
Guilt and hurt
Insomnia or deprivation of quality sleep
Social withdrawal or isolation
Lower self-esteem
Body ache and pain

These were some of the effects of verbal abuse on your mental and physical health.

If someone has gotten abused verbally for a short amount of time and after realizing that they have been abused by so and so person, they have taken action. So they might suffer from short-term implications. But, if someone is living with a verbal abuser for quite a long time, it can dent their mental health in a big way.

However, always remember, one should never blame themselves for the situation. It has nothing to do with the victim. It’s not your fault. You deserve all the best in the world. For that, you just need to notice and take desirable actions in that direction.

How To Get Out Of Verbal Abuse?

It’s a tricky question, to be very honest, as different people have different circumstances. However, what we can definitely say is one should never tolerate emotional abuse, as it can profoundly impact your sanity.

First thing first, the initial step to getting out of emotional abuse is to recognize it. You should not live in denial and brush it under the carpet. Acknowledgment of your pain and trauma is the cornerstone for recovery. Then, there are various steps you can follow and take to get back the peace of your being.

These are some of the suggestions we can give you, as per our understanding. Although, it is always best to analyze your situation by yourself, as you can comprehend your life the best.

Distant yourself-

The best you can do to maintain your peace of mind is to distance yourself from the verbal abuser. Take some time off and surround yourself with people who truly love you and support you through thick and thin. Make friends that can understand you.

Maintain boundaries-

Directly tell the abuser to stop saying certain things to you which you don’t like. Confront them about the consequences they face if they continue to abuse you. Set boundaries with them, confront on their face, be brave, and stop belittling your being.

Seek professional advice-

Seeking professional help can open your positive horizon and help you recover from the awful experiences you have been through in a verbally abusive relationship.

Cut all strings

If there’s nothing more you can do to retain a healthy relationship with verbally abusive people, then ending those relationships is the best you can do, as far as we understand. As we mentioned above, your situation can be different, and you might not agree with what we are suggesting. It’s completely understandable.


Verbal abuse can affect your mental peace and inner being, but you can take control of your lives back. With the help of the right support system, friends, family, and most especially your will, you can rise above any kind of abuse.

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