Your Boss Has A Favorite And It’s Not You : How To Combat Favouritism At Work?

Your Boss Has A Favorite And It's Not You : How To Combat Favouritism At Work?

Favouritism at work! There might be someone in your office that’s the apple of your boss’ eyes. He or she might get all the credits, without showing any extra contribution. Get incentives, paid vacations, extra perks, and a lot more! Most of us come across this situation in our professional lives. Right? And it can cause a huge problem within you. So, how can one combat its boss’s extra preferential treatment towards their colleague? Let’s try to break it down here!

There are different kinds of issues and challenges we face in our professional lives. Nobody can ever claim that their work-life is perfect. In fact, nothing in this world is ever entirely perfect. And that’s the fun of it. Isn’t it? We make mistakes, learn, explore, and again make mistakes, and the cycle continues. 

However, sometimes, when we don’t get the credit for the hard work we put in, we feel highly demotivated. On top of that, when at our workplace, we see someone getting different treatment without putting any extra effort, we may lose our calm. And that’s what favoritism does!

It makes you feel unwanted, undeserved, cheated, and unfair. You can feel like you don’t get your due, and it’s entirely understandable. Everyone will feel that way if it is in your place. 

So, what to do to combat favoritism at work? Is there any better way to deal with it? To your surprise, yes! Definitely! 


How To Handle Favouritism At Work Effectively?

Here are some of the best and most practical ways to see through Favouritism at work and be a real winner!

Analyze the situation effectively-

Sometimes, we all feel vulnerable and a little more sensitive, overthinking certain stuff. It can also be possible that you might be just overthinking and doubting your boss for the unfair preference. Also, if you are quite new to your job and expecting similar treatment as someone working for four years, then it does seem impractical. 

Trust takes time to build on. Analyze the situation. Try to catch some real evidence of favouritism at your workplace. Don’t rush to the conclusion quickly. Take your time! 


Confront it out eventually-

If you are a hundred percent clear and have been noticing favouritism at work, then it’s time to confront your boss. I know, ignoring and not giving heed to such matters can be the instinct of many. But, always remember, if you are a hardworking employee and believe in ethics and values, then doing so will burn you out, leading to chronic stress in your professional life. 

That’s why it is better to confront your boss, mustering the courage, as if you are a good employee, giving a good performance, then you should not fear anybody. As they say, fear is not good for great!


Introspect yourself and validate-

Favouritism at work can really break your heart, sometimes. It can make you self-doubt, reducing your self-confidence. But, if you have not done anything wrong and things are not under your control, then you should not punish yourself. I know, it’s easier said than done!

At that time, it can seem impossible. Your thoughts can become irrational, making you stressed, anxious, and frustrated. However, eventually, you have to introspect within yourself, shedding more light on the great work you are doing. You should change your focus to greater things. Validate your hard work and performance. If your boss is unfair, then it’s not your problem! It’s him! If you love your job, then you may continue doing your work with the same amount of passion and dedication. 


Look at the bigger picture-

As I mentioned at the above point, if things are not under your control, and you cannot change anything, then it’s better to shift your focus. Having said that, if you love your job and enjoy your work, then quitting might not be your option also. 

If you are seeing some potential in your job and work, then it can be worth having patience and making your way. You can see the bigger picture. Also, sometimes, things work out slowly but gradually. If you are a real performer and bringing profits for your company, then your boss might start considering you as well, whether he or she likes it or not. At the end of the day, profits are what keep every organization going, and for that, they need good employees. 


Quit if it’s getting worse-

Eventually, if you are not happy, then it’s definitely not worth sticking at the place where you get sidelined all the time. If you are putting in all your best efforts, but then also getting ignored by your boss, then it’s high time you must start looking for some other company

It’s easy to say that keep patience and things will change, be positive, and stuff. But, if you are a good employee, working hard, and despite not getting your due, it’s a waste of your time to be stuck at the same place. 

So, these were some of the best and most effective ways to handle favouritism at work. By considering them, you may make your way through your boss who loves to play favorites. 

Every employee should get treated equally. There should not be favouritism at workplace. Employees should get judged as per their performances and not any other way. 

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