Evil Eye Color Meaning – Discover Which Evil Eye Charm Is Best For You

evil eye color

The evil stare of those who are jealous might curse you with the “evil eye.” It frequently happens unintentionally, yet occasionally it is done on purpose.

Every kind of person facing a distinct set of difficulties surrounds us. Even though they aren’t aware of it, they can’t help but be envious of our qualities and quirks, which they convey to us through their vengeful look.

Different civilizations are rife with talismans to ward off the evil eye. They are made with various evil eye colors to serve as practical barriers against this potent yet frequent spell.

Therefore, let’s jointly research the meanings of the Evil Eye colors. Learn about the colors associated with the evil eye and how they affect you to help you avoid its harmful effects and surround yourself with good energy.

Origin of Evil Eye Color

The evil eye has a long history dating back to 3000 BC in Greek. People used to curse those they envied by wearing evil eyes in antiquity.

It was believed that the target of the ominous stare would suffer severe calamity. An act of hatred and blatant jealousy of someone’s wealth or social rank was the giving of the “evil eye.”

Rich people and others who believed they would be the target of the evil eye carried the evil eye talisman as a reprisal to shield themselves from ominous glances and spirits.

The evil eye has been mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman writings and in well-known creations like Shakespeare, the Bible, and the Quran. According to research, at least 40% of the world’s cultures practice some version of the evil eye.

The Importance Of Evil Eye Color

The importance of evil According to folklore, a person’s eye color can fend against bad fortune and luck.

It is thought that the Evil Eye has the power to injure, hurt, or even kill the target it is focused on. Some people think the Evil Eye’s power and potential for harm can be predicted by its color. So, Evil Eye Colors are an important thing to consider.

The Evil Eye Color Meaning

evil eye

To protect you from the evil eye, the following bracelets combine ancient cultures’ timeless knowledge with modern spirituality.

Even though each evil eye color’s meaning is unique, they were all created with love and gratitude to allow your true self to rule your life.

While choosing an evil eye color bracelet that brings luck, good fortune, wealth, happiness, peace, and protection into your life, learn everything there is to know about evil eye colors and their symbolic significance.

1. Green Evil Eye Color Meaning

The symbolism of the color on this evil eye bracelet has to do with liberation. It guards against grief and gets us ready to accept new things.

In ancient Egypt and Babylon, people employed the power of green gold-plated bracelets to ward off evil spirits.

You’ll feel more protected from toxic situations and the pesky attitudes of those around you after you put on this chic and considerate bracelet.

Wear a Green Evil Eye if:

  • You desire to lead a happy and rewarding life.
  • You want to be the healthiest version of yourself possible, both physically and mentally.
  • You might also want to have a big family.

2. Red Evil Eye Color Meaning

The connotation of red in the evil eye is associated with bravery, independence, and assertiveness. This color gives us a rich vibrancy that inspires us to channel our inner warrior.

Red is as passionate and anxious to satiate our wants as we are. What does the red evil eye signify, then? Red eye is an omen of strength, zeal, and victorious combat.

These items shield us from the evil eye and repel any other form of bad omen that may be directed at us.

Once you start wearing one of these wristbands, you’ll feel more confident and notice a change in how you respond to difficult or stressful situations.

Wear a Red Evil Eye if:

  • You frequently experience nervousness, restlessness, or tension.
  • Your thoughts are frequently anxious and fearful, which causes confusion and exhaustion.
  • You may experience a sense of impending danger, panic, or doom and be afraid of certain situations, such as flying, heights, driving, enclosed spaces, or social interactions. You may also experience feelings of failure, death, disease, abandonment, judgment, or rejection.

3. Navy Blue Evil Eye Color Meaning

blue evil eye

Karma and fate’s protection are connected to the color meaning of this evil eye bracelet. Additionally, it encourages open communication and removes roadblocks that stand in the way of a cosmic connection. The age-old symbol of protection that embodies good fortune and positive energy is a blue evil eye bracelet.

An evil eye bracelet in navy blue might help us attract luck and purpose to our life. Our essential values align with how we think daily and what we want out of life, giving us the confidence to express our emotions.

While allowing for improved communication, it dispels negative ideas and intentions. It also brings authenticity and a more profound sense of significance into our lives and helps with sadness and insomnia.

Wear a Blue Evil Eye if:

  • You believe that you are frequently influenced by the evil eye of others or that you may unintentionally cast an evil eye on yourself.
  • You want to gain a better understanding of yourself and express your thoughts and feelings more effectively.
  • You want to increase your knowledge, decrease your ignorance, and make more conscious choices in life, as well as strengthen your relationships with loved ones.

4. Pink Evil Eye Color Meaning

The pink evil eye color brings calm and inner serenity. Our relationships with friends are safeguarded, our self-love is strengthened, and our emotions are nurtured. Wearers of this evil eye hue experience contentment and relaxation.

The Pink Gold Plated Bracelet’s purpose is to make us more approachable and affectionate and to shield us from bad luck. When we wear it, we draw in those who care about us and have our best interests at heart.

One of history’s most valuable and sought-after gemstones is lapis lazuli. It is a powerful, age-old emblem of defense advantageous to the throat region.

Wear a Pink Evil Eye if:

  • You may feel socially isolated and avoid social situations because you are shy, a loner, or have social anxiety.
  • You find it difficult to trust people and harbor doubts about their motivations.
  • You find it challenging to start or keep up personal connections, dread intimacy, or have troubled love lives in the past.
  • Additionally, you might lack confidence, be uneasy, dread rejection, and crave other people’s attention. You might feel lonely and unhappy, be caught in a romantic mourning cycle, and turn to addiction or substance misuse as a coping technique.

5. Turquoise Evil Eye Color Meaning

The meaning of the color turquoise in an evil eye bracelet relates to our sense of well-being. It has therapeutic qualities that treat physical and mental aches and pains. The turquoise evil eye aids us in regaining balance and ending a poor trend.

A lucky charm that guards against envious people is the turquoise evil eye bracelet. It deflects the glare of envy, lousy luck, and opposing forces linked to hatred and spite.

Wear a Turquoise Evil Eye if:

  • You have a limited viewpoint or need help seeing all the angles to a tale.
  • You find it difficult to determine the relative importance of different persons and situations, which could cause you to act impulsively or carelessly.
  • You may feel the need to disconnect and spend time alone as a result of others accusing you of being impolite, self-centered, or indifferent, which can cause you to feel apathetic or inattentive to those close to you.

6. White Evil Eye Color Meaning

The symbolism of the color white in terms of the evil eye is related to focus and purity. It frees us from hurdles and bad people, motivating us to start over.

White Evil Eye Bracelet purifies our aura and sharpens our focus to draw in beneficial possibilities. This bracelet provides the utmost defense against negative karma and the evil eye.

Wear a White Eye If You Have:

  • You frequently struggle with negative thoughts or views about yourself and are pessimistic about the future.
  • Your mind is overburdened with thoughts, making it difficult to focus and think clearly.
  • Life throws stumbling blocks in your path, making it challenging to achieve your ambitions.

7. Black Evil Eye Color Meaning

The symbolism of the color black in terms of the evil eye is one of strength and defense. It focuses the flow of good energy into the environment and deflects the wicked ones’ evil gaze.

The malachite and Black Evil Eye Bracelet is very therapeutic and protective. It enhances the energetic frequency of the body and soul to ward off unfavorable people from our path automatically. Additionally, it lifts our spirits and helps us adopt a happier outlook.

This eye bracelet helps you focus, calms your racing thoughts, and regains your resilience. It aids us in regaining control over our choices and provides us with the clarity we need to proceed in life. Tiger’s Eye is a motivating stone that reawakens our inner fortitude and strengthens our will.

It is a potent talisman that motivates us to pursue lofty objectives. As a result, all negative energy is repelled by our increased inner enthusiasm and self-assurance.

It offers defense against misfortune, evil eye, explosive people, and ill luck. You may fend off pessimistic thoughts and battle depression by wearing this lovely bracelet.

Wear a Black Evil Eye if:

  • You either desire more power over people or believe you cannot persevere through difficult times to accomplish your objectives.
  • You frequently look to others for approval or become envious of them.
  • You adopt a victim mindset, attribute your issues to others, wallow in self-pity, or find it challenging to let go and move on. Additionally, you might find it difficult to say no, be fearful of conflict when it arises, or regularly put the needs of your friends or family before your own.

How Many Evil Eye Colors Are There

Evil Eye Color Meaning - Discover Which Evil Eye Charm Is Best For You 5

You can learn the various evil eye colors below:

  • Orange Evil Eye Color: The orange evil eye increases happiness, creativity, and playfulness.
  • Dark Blue Evil Eye Color: Promotes tranquility and relaxation.
  • Dark Green Evil Eye Color: Brings inner peace and balance.
  • Brown Evil Eye Color: Strengthens our ties to nature
  • Red Evil Eye Color: Increases self-assurance
  • Purple Evil Eye Color: Boost your vision; Re-balance your life.

What Colors Protect Against Evil?

The colors that guard against evil include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Every color has a unique meaning and can be utilized to ward off various forms of evil.

  • Red, the color of fire, is used to deter physical harm.
  • The sun’s color, orange, is employed to ward against mental violence.
  • Yellow, the lightning color, is utilized to ward off spiritual aggression.
  • Green is the color of nature and is employed as a natural disaster defense.
  • Blue, the hue of the water, is employed as a disease-prevention tool.
  • The night sky color indigo is said to ward against bad fortune.


The evil eye color meaning shields our aura from harmful glares while encouraging virtues in individuals who wish to spread good energy throughout the planet.

The ancient methods employed for years are used to make evil eye bracelets. Every evil eye color protection bracelet tells a tale.

Evil eye color wristbands are perfect for any need, whether you are trying to increase your self-confidence, calm your mind, or empower yourself.


Why Do People Wear Evil Eye?

Anyone can wear an evil eye protection bracelet for a better future.
An evil eye bracelet’s protective abilities are activated when worn or carried by its owner, shielding them from bad luck and terrible life experiences.

How can you save yourself from the evil eye?

It has always been customary for some people to believe in one belief while others do not. Because the evil eye isn’t a random, old, stereotypical occurrence, believe it or not, its power and negative energy are real and can influence behavior and events.

There is no need to be concerned. There are several practices to save yourself from the evil eye.

The most common application is in bracelets or necklaces. If you’re not into accessories but believe in the power of the evil eye, hang a pendant made of it somewhere in your home. In this way, it shields your aura from negative energies.

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