‘The Professor’ – Psychological Scrutiny

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As you may be aware, the Spanish thriller series La Casa De Papel is the most recent Netflix hit series to gain popularity. You may also be aware of the famous character called ‘The Professor’. People also remember it as a “Money Heist” in other parts of the world. A variety of things contribute to the viewers’ interest in this series. It includes its unusual narrative and the demonstration of exciting technology.

However, we believe that the colorful characters and their distinct personalities were crucial in establishing a place in the hearts of the spectators. With such elaborative and sumptuous character profiles, Money Heist or La Casa De Papel is among the very few television series on the air today.

The Professor in Money is the face behind the mask.
The Professor in Money Heist is the face behind the mask.

The character personas are built so that the majority of people will be able to identify them easily. It is because everyone has a distinctive part in the story. Every character has a unique perspective on life. This post will be an ambitious effort to provide a concise biography of the character of ‘The Professor.’ It is from the phenomenal Netflix series ‘Money Heist.’

Who is Professor?

The Professor, the most well-liked character on the show, embodies the conventional introvert type. He is regarded as a person who exhibits balanced conduct, foresight, and a strong sense of resolve. Aside from that, he is a highly orderly, moralistic, and serene individual with an overall appealing attitude.

The meticulous planner and bright thinker with the obsessive attitude that he embodies are shown old-fashioned, even though he seems to utilize several barriers to repress his thoughts and emotions. Nonetheless, he is a guy with a brilliant IQ who is socially isolated to an extraordinary degree.

The Professor is a character who puts his analytical and logical talents to work for him in order to plan each of his activities, placing a strong focus on the specifics of each action. A person with a very logical mind belongs to a group of policymakers who make all of their judgments only on the basis of facts and do not allow their emotions to influence their conclusions.

The appearance of the Professor

The first thing we notice about ‘the professor’ is his physical appearance, which is similar to any other person’s. His eyes are mild, and he has a soft beard, a fitted suit, and classic spectacles, all of which combine to make him seem like a well-groomed geek, or at least that is what the director was going for.

At the beginning of the series, the character proves his brilliance, demonstrating that he is capable of devising methods and strategies that others are unlikely to notice. It is only after doing an in-depth examination that he formulates his plans for action. He, on the other hand, is lacking in emotional intelligence.

Some features of his personality are typical introvert traits; he doesn’t speak much and avoids eye contact, yet he nevertheless has exceptional leadership abilities. It is possible for such people to have leadership qualities, but it is extremely rare. He takes guidance by a philosophy of life or a moral concept that he believes in.

The physicality of the Professor

Certain physical characteristics of the Professor, such as the way he pushes his spectacles or the way he folds origami while on the phone, contribute to the richness of the character. When he feels apprehensive, these tiny subtleties come to light. These may not be apparent from his facial expressions at the time.

A typical professor has a cool, collected demeanor. He is very quiet and has the necessary self-control. With careful observation, we can tell that he virtually always seals his body with his hands, as seen in the video. He wears this mask in an attempt to conceal his feelings, and he is somewhat successful in this endeavor.


He is the epitome of self-discipline

A full and total captive to his habits and rituals, the Professor is unable to function properly. Everything about him, from the way he eats to the way he sleeps to the way he exercises, testifies to a strict commitment to his regimen. Following these personal routines to the letter has also given him the dedication and consistency he has shown thus far. He exhibits signs of an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder patient from time to time, such as repeating activities numerous times to assure perfection or organizing items in a machine-like manner.

However, categorizing him as having a personality disorder as a whole would be unjust. Instead, the moniker of ‘perfectionist’ is more appropriate for him. His approach is to have perfectionism in everything. And he makes certain that the strategy is perfect in every way possible.

The Professor is a great genius in his field

There may have been other persons in charge of the robbery. But The Professor, whose intellect is comparable to that of Sherlock Holmes, is the ultimate mastermind behind it all. No matter what the difficulty is, The Professor always manages to find a way to overcome it. When it comes to planning and execution, he is the go-to guy. It is he who will ensure that he comes out on top. Furthermore, the fact that he can predict someone’s next move before they ever make it is very instructive to see in action.


Money Heist is one of the very rare shows that have characters who have such brilliance. Aside from ‘The Professor,’ Tokyo, Berlin, Raquel, and Nairobi are all distinct people with distinct personalities. It is, nevertheless, impossible to construct a portrait of any character without revealing certain plot details. Every character in this well-known television series has a distinct personality of their own. As a result, we strongly recommend you see this timeless masterpiece!

Money Heist is the reason for similar kinds of robberies in recent times. Some of them use the same red tracksuits and masks as the film. It refers to themes of capitalism, anti-establishment, and retributive justice. In the case of Money Heist, it’s possible that reality imitates art. It is essential since the last episode of the series may introduce new immoral notions to the public.

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