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If you have stories about motivating life lessons, knowledge to share about parents & ideal parenting practices, or a perspective to offer about human behavior — welcome to Get free access to a network that supports millions of readers so you can flourish through your writing.

Subjects We Accept Guest Posts on

Interested in guest posting on our blog? The writers having exposure to writing in any of the following fields are welcome to contribute:

  1. Parenting
  2. Mental Health
  3. Human Behaviour
  4. Brain Cognition
  5. Personality Development
  6. Life Lessons

General Guidelines

Divide the document into easy-to-read chunks that can be scanned or readable. When possible, use subheaders, bullet points, and numbers lists. Break up long paragraphs of more than 5-6 lines to make them readable for readers on the site.


Here are some guidelines to abide by when writing for

  1. Only the high-quality content will be accepted;
  2. content needs to be 100% original only, i.e., the text must not be plagiarized;
  3. Links to research or case studies are needed to support claims;
  4. Include your bio and a picture of yourself;
  5. No basic grammar errors are allowed;
  6. A minimum of one (legal) photo should be included with the post, preferably up to three.


Since we publish writers’ blogs/articles under their real names, pen names in the bio will not be accepted. Don’t forget to include your bio with your real name and a picture of yourself.


How to Submit Your Blog to HearthFeelings

The content we publish caters to everyone from an absolute beginner to experienced, so make sure that the topics you write about are of your knowledge acquaintance or rather, it should provide practical advice for those in the field.

Research your topic carefully and mention your sources. Do not simply assert something — give a good explanation as well. Bring it all together by summing it up briefly.


Send an email with your document containing the blog/article to [email protected] – feel free to provide one or multiple topics for your guest post.


We accept full articles, but only if they comply with our guidelines. When sending an email, please use the title “Hearthfeeling guest post”.


You’ll hear from us within 72 hours after we’ve reviewed your post or topic proposal. Should your post require improvement, we’ll inform you.


Note: The final decision about publishing your blog/article is subject to the sole discretion of our editors.


Enjoy writing? Give it a shot. Welcome to