What is Gaslightning?

In a form of emotional abuse known as gaslighting,  A victim is made to doubt their own view of reality, frequently leading them to question their sanity. To exert control over the victim, this may entail downplaying their experiences, faking recollections, and distorting the facts.

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Trust your instincts


Trust your instincts if something seems weird or off. It's critical to maintain your confidence in your observations because gaslighters frequently attempt to have you question your gut feelings.

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Keep track of incidents


Specific instances that seem manipulative or contradictory should be noted down. This might assist you in recalling crucial information and behavioural patterns.

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Look for inconsistencies


Watch out for contradictions in their statements and actions because gaslighters frequently do so or alter their story.

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Seek outside perspective


Gaslighters may cause you to become socially isolated, therefore it's crucial to get a second opinion from friends, relatives, or a therapist. They might be able to offer a more impartial assessment of the circumstance.

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Stand up for yourself


Gaslighters frequently attempt to make you feel helpless or powerless, therefore it's critical to defend yourself and state your own viewpoint.

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Set boundaries


Those who gaslight you could try to overstep your boundaries or make you feel bad for doing so. It's crucial to stand up for your rights and make it plain to others what is and isn't appropriate behaviour.

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