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By Ramsha Nayab

Jan 31,2023

His Body Language Will Give You All The Clues You Need

Body language is one of the signals that he likes you. If a guy is attempting to hide his feelings for you, he will most likely have the self-control to keep his remarks to himself.

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He Tries To Look His Best When He’s With You.

His appearance is one of the telltale signals that he likes you but is reluctant to express it. When he knows he will see you, does he take additional care of his appearance?

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He Ignores His Friends To Be With You

In other words, even if he hasn’t yet made any “moves,” if this is happening, you can take it as a solid indication that he feels something for you.

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He Supports You

Maybe he’s helping just because he’s a nice guy. However, in most cases, he accepts it because he is attracted to you. He sees it as an opportunity to read your good books or spend more time with you.

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He Tries To Spend A Lot Of Time With You.

It is rare for a man to have a best buddy with whom he spends more time than anyone else. He may want you to be more than just a friend if he spends more time with you than any of his other pals.

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He Compliments You

Pay attention to how he compliments you. If a single guy says you’re pretty, calm, and fun, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t date you. The only possible explanation is that he is afraid to move

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He Pays For You

In this modern age of love life, whether or not a man should pay a woman on a first date is a considerable debate. However, it’s fair to assume that a man paying for your relationship is a sign of romantic interest.

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You Never See Him Dating or Flirting With Other Women.

If he has never dated anyone, it makes more sense if he wants to date you but hides his feelings. If you want to get closer to him, ask him out loud if he’s dating other girls.

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