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By Ramsha Nayab

Feb 2,2023

Signs That You're An Extroverted Introvert

Environment = energy

Extroverts are typically more resistant to their surroundings than introverts. This is because social circumstances allow extroverts to refuel their energy, whereas introverts frequently deplete it.

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Some people drain you, and others energize you.

People frequently use the comparison that introverts are depleted by social interaction while extroverts are stimulated. It's only a matter of figuring out which folks for an extroverted introvert energize us and which deplete us.

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Alone time is good

While some extroverts relish their alone time, most will try to avoid it.  However, introverts benefit from their own company and find happiness there.

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You create escape plans.

Suppose you go into social situations with a potential escape plan. In that case, you're likely an extroverted introvert. It shows that while you enjoy social settings, you need them in a limited capacity, ensuring that happens.

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You hate small talk.

You'd think an introvert looks for the most accessible conversation subject and thus engages in the dreaded small talk, but you'd be wrong. Most introverts detest small talk with a burning passion.

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Crowds are a big no.

This one isn't only for introverts since as we get older, especially in the wake of the epidemic, more and more of us find ourselves uneasy in large gatherings. Even a large crowd can make your day miserable.

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You're often mistaken for an extrovert.

When everyone assumes you are an extrovert, but you know that's not the reality. You are aware of your introversion deep down. Ultimately, what matters is what you know about yourself, not what other people think of you.

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