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By Ramsha Nayab

Feb 2,2023

Psychology Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Brain function is improved by placebo sleep.

Do you ever struggle to fall asleep, feel lethargic when you awaken, and lack energy the next day? It can help you feel calm and rested to tell yourself that you slept well.

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Having warm hands makes a more lasting impact.

We all know that a handshake is necessary for making an excellent first impression, but did you know that your hand's temperature also matters? Warm hands are associated with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Be sure to massage your hands together before shaking hands.

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Fewer choices make better decisions.

Studies show that a wide range of choice options can lead to poor behavioral outcomes leading to poor decisions. On the other hand, when we have fewer options to choose from, we gain better clarity and make better decisions.

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Noticing eye color boosts your charm.

Maintaining eye contact can be weird, but if you want to impress someone new, notice their eye color to maintain eye contact a little bit longer. Scientists believe observing eye color can instantly make you appear more attractive, confident, and friendly. 

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Chewing gum reduces stress and anxiety.

Do you get stressed and anxious before a big event? Popping gum can help us feel more relaxed and calmer, as our brain tends to feel safe when we eat.

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Ask for favors to build connections.

Have a crush on someone? Then ask them for a small favor to make them like you and be friendlier. Known as the Ben Franklin effect, this psychological trick reveals that when someone performs a favor for you, they are more likely to do more favors.

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