Nancy Pelosi steps down as House Speaker.

Nancy Pelosi announced she would be stepping down from her post as House Speaker after four years in the position. Pelosi is a political icon, and her tenure has been remarkable.

She has repeatedly come out against barring members of Congress from trading stocks and other financial assets. ‘We are a free-market economy,’ she says.

Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker of the House also saw an increase in the number of women in Congress. Pelosi also worked to protect the rights of immigrants and LGBTQ+ people.

She has championed a wide range of progressive causes, from healthcare reform to gun control.

Pelosi led the Democrats to regain the House majority in 2018 and pass dozens of bills into law. She also led the impeachment of former President Donald Trump, the first ever for a U.S. president.

But if we look at Pelosi’s net worth of $114,662,521, according to 2018 data by OpenSecrets, then we can see that this argument hardly applies.

Even her August trip to Taiwan, amid protests from Beijing, was dangerously reckless at best and deliberately courting war at worst. It could have easily escalated into open combat between the world’s foremost military powers.

A higher share of Americans believe that JFK was killed by a conspiracy (51%) and that Bush intentionally misled the public on Iraq’s WMDs (44%) than like Pelosi, with just a bit less (37%) thinking global warming is a hoax