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Micro-Habits That Will Help Your Productivity Skyrocket

By Ramsha Nayab

Jan 31,2023

Go to bed early & Get Up Early

Getting up early not only gives you time to plan your day but also silences the rush and anxiety that we feel before stepping out to face the world.

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Schedule a Couple of Hours Just for Yourself

To complete a particular task, ensure that you block a couple of hours dedicatedly for it. Having a blocked schedule will ensure you have uninterrupted work time to finish all your tasks.

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The 5-Second Rule

Spring into action and put it in motion. When you are preparing to do a task, countdown from 5,4,3,2,1, and as soon as you hit 1, jump at it. Your mind will kill the idea if you don’t spring into action.

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Plan Your Day A Night Before

Make your to-do list every day for the next day before hitting the bed. This will give you a system to follow and help you kick-start your day, which is much needed to be productive throughout the day.

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Say No To Multitasking

When your focus is split into multiple directions simultaneously, your productivity and the quality of work go down, draining your energy faster. Organizing your work will make it easier for you to tackle it more proficiently. 

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Eat Food That Empowers Brain

Blueberries, nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables, avocados, fish, and dark chocolate boost your brainpower.

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Use the Pomodoro Technique

Time-management techniques help prevent burnout, and you will increase efficiency. Work on just one task for 25 minutes, then take a five-minute break and repeat. 

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Set a Deadline for Each Task

Give yourself a deadline for a particular task. This will help you focus entirely on it and get things done faster. Many successful billionaires practice this to tick off their jobs. 

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