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By Ramsha Nayab

Feb 20 2023

Ways You Can Battle Your Inner Demons

Concentrate on good memories

When your demons are trying to pull you down, you’ve got to concentrate on your happy memories. This will help you to get back in your happy zone and would make you realise that you’re capable of doing great things in life.

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Cut yourself some slack

Tell your inner demons ‘come tomorrow and not today’. Tell them that you’re a human and you make mistakes and that you will eventually fix them.

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Don’t settle, keep fighting

The worst thing is to give up. You cannot bow down to them and settle for mediocrity in life. If a certain situation demands you to quit and if you do the opposite, chances are that you would eventually defeat the ‘demon’ and emerge as a winner.

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Go for an intensive workout

Going for a long run is proven to be helpful to clear cobwebs of your mind. An intensive workout is a good way to push yourself and push out the demons out of your mind.

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Tame the dragon or kill it

To face your worst fear, you will have to tame the dragon or worse kill it. Imagine it to be like pulling a bad tooth or taking a dive into a deep river. It has to be done or you would let the demon have control over you.

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Remember the movie ‘Inside Out’, let the positive emotions take control

Think of the demons as the negative emotions from the movie ‘Inside Out’. It is when you would create happy memories that you would store good memories that will then become long-term memories.

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