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By Ramsha Nayab

Feb 4,2023

How to Learn Anything With The Feynman Technique

Determine the topic you want to learn about.

Determine the topic for which you will use the Feynman Technique. While the technique can be applied to any topic, it is most commonly used to study science-related topics because they benefit the most from simplification.

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Explain the subject as if you were teaching a sixth-grader.

The second step is the heart of the Feynman Technique: explaining the topic simply enough for a sixth-grade student to understand. This necessitates meeting the child's comprehension level by employing the simplest and most concise language possible.

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Identify areas of improvement in your explanation.

Take a critical look at your explanation and try to identify any knowledge gaps where you could not retrieve the relevant information from your memory and any areas where you felt you couldn't explain the topic.

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Improve and optimize your explanation.

– Develop analogies that make sense for someone who knows very little about the topic. – Make sure that your explanations are evidence-based and backed by the source material.

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Repeat the steps until you've mastered the subject.

Continue through each step until you're delighted with your explanation. Because the Feynman Technique works best with repetition, going through all the preceding steps once is usually insufficient to achieve topic mastery.

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