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By Ramsha Nayab

Feb 24, 2023

Gen-Z Dating Terms You Must Know


A situation that lies somewhere between a friendship and a committed relationship. Think of it as something more than a friends-with-benefits phase. If you play your cards right, a situationship can turn into a serious relationship.

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A budget-friendly way of dating that involves choosing low-cost date activities and splitting expenses equally. People don’t really want to go all out on the first date itself, so this method works well for those who are active in the dating game.

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Sober Dating

A trend where couples choose to abstain from drinking during dates to focus on building genuine connections without the influence of alcohol.

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A daterview is a type of date where you are bombarded with questions that make it seem like you're in a job interview instead of a romantic setting.

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A textationship refers to a type of relationship where partners communicate solely through text messages and never meet face-to-face. It can involve potential partners, co-workers, or friends, and often happens unintentionally.

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Love Haze

Love haze is a term used to describe a state of being deeply in love, to the extent that one may not notice their partner's flaws.

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Next On Deck

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. It refers to lining up a backup date or potential partner in case the current relationship or situation ends.

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It's a blend of the words ‘talking phase,’ the period in every relationship that people enjoy the most as they learn about each other’s lives, likes and dislikes. 11.ENM

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