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By Ramsha Nayab

Feb 3,2023

Explore The Most Beautiful Villages in the World

Simiane La Rotonde, France

Located in the stunning south of France and surrounded by olive groves and lavender fields, this hilltop village is one of the most beautiful towns in the world.

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Ortahisar, Turkey

Despite its central location Ortahisar has managed to remain largely traditional and mostly slow-paced. Even as surrounding towns increasingly become more and more touristic, Ortahisar remains rustic and charming. 

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Oia, Greece

Oia is a traditional village with beautiful blue domed churches, sun-bathed verandas, many art galleries, and a maze of small shops, almost all with panoramic views of the port Ammoudi and the Santorini volcano.

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Ait Ben-Haddou, Morocco

Ait-Ben-Haddou is a traditional southern Morocco earthen village made from clay bricks. The village lies in a valley near the Atlas Mountains, thirty-two miles from the bustling film capital of Morocco.

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Cua Van, Vietnam

Charming and enchanting, Ha Long Bay is famous for its natural beauty. Cua Van is just one of the fishing villages along Ha Long Bay but is believed to be its most popular spot.

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Júzcar, Spain

Nestled in the hills of Andalusia is Júzcar, a quiet town in Spain previously known as a ‘pueblo Blanco for its whitewashed walls.

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Reine, Norway

With an estimated population of 300 villagers, Reine is one of those small towns that no one knows about. Perfectly situated at the mouth of Reinefjord, near the insanely beautiful Loften peaks is the quiet, picturesque fishing village, Reine. 

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Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen was once primarily an alpine farming community but has since become a resort town teeming with tourists eager to ski the snow-covered slopes in the Winter and hike trails in the Summer.

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