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By Ramsha Nayab

Feb 18,2023

Best places to see Japan’s Cherry Blossoms in 2023

Yoshino, Kansai

Best time to go to Yoshino for cherry blossoms: Blooms tend to appear early to mid-April in Yoshino and last for a few weeks.

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Hirosaki-kōen, Tōhoku

There are over 2500 cherry trees here and given that Hirosaki, way up north in Aomori Prefecture, is not the population center that Tokyo (or even Kyoto) is, you can expect a bit more room to move around.

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Fuji Five Lakes, Yamanashi

The view from the Churei-tō Pagoda in Fuji Five Lakes is the ultimate sakura photo: in one frame you get a classic five-story pagoda, with curving eaves and vermillion accents, a frothy sea of cherry blossoms beneath it

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Maruyama-kōen, Kyoto

Kyoto has so many fantastic places to see the blossoms that it's tough to narrow it down. If you're looking for an iconic experience, though, it's safe to say that the best hanami spot in the city is Maruyama-kōen.

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Yoyogi-kōen, Tokyo

It's a huge, sprawling park with tufty grass and plenty of cherry trees, with room for everyone and yet it still becomes a sea of party people growing more and more unsteady as the day gives way to night.

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