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By Ramsha Nayab

Mar 1, 2023

Amazing Party Games to Make Your Next Gathering More Fun


Everyone knows how to play charades, it's a universal classic. Start by dividing your party into teams, and have one person from your team try and act out a book, film, song, etc. while you try and guess what it is as quickly as possible.

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Beer Pong

Beer Pong involves attempting to throw a ping pong ball into your opposition's cup, resulting in them drinking the contents.

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Ring Of Fire

There are so many great drinking games around, with the age old classic being 'Ring Of Fire'. The game involves one pack of cards being spread around a cup in the middle of the table, which each card having a different value.

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Truth or Dare

If you're looking for the ultimate throwback to your teenage house party years, there's nothing better than truth or dare. No props, cards, or game paraphernalia involved, you just need a group of your mates and a sense of humour.

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This game is a mix of taboo and charades game. A fun game for a group party, all you need is slips of paper and two teams. Each team comes up with different popular words, names, etc. Then the teams compete to see who can guess the most items.

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Kiddie Pool Kickball

This takes the old-fashioned game of kickball to a new level. Rather than bases, you use kiddies pools, and slip and slides for the lanes. It is super fun and super wet!

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Water Balloon Game

Water balloon tag is an easy game that is sure to keep you cool during summer parties. Fill a ton of water balloons and the person who is it must hot someone to tag them...then that person is it.

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