Controlling Emotions Effectively- 6 Mind Blowing ways!

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The capacity to feel and show emotions is much more crucial than you would think, especially when it comes to communication. Emotions play an important role in your responses since they are the felt response to a specific scenario. When you’re in touch with them, you have access to valuable information that may assist you in making decisions, achieving success in relationships, interacting with others daily, and caring for yourself.

While emotions may be beneficial in your everyday life, when they go out of control, they can act negatively on your emotional well-being and interpersonal connections.

Why is it important to keep your emotions under control?

Managing your emotions is mostly a matter of personal preference. Do you want to, or do you not want to? Even though many experts are researching emotions and dealing with them successfully, many individuals struggle to maintain control over this aspect of their lives. Why? Building good emotion management skills and habits are similar to learning a new skill or developing a new habit. It is a method of doing something better, and as humans, we have the greatest difficulty adapting to new situations.

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It is tough to change the way you normally do anything, and it is much more challenging when it comes to dealing with emotions. Whenever we are experiencing ’emotional distress,’ the last thing we want to do is calm down and attempt to deal with the matter proactively; instead, we want to scream about whatever has gotten under our skin.

Strategies of controlling emotions

Know when you are out of limits

What good is it to attempt to moderate your emotions if you aren’t aware of when you are being too emotional or overreacting? It’s just not doable. Begin to keep track of your feelings and assign them descriptive names. When we are experiencing something, it might be tough to put our finger on it. We can obtain more clarity by naming it, which is necessary for going ahead.

Why is it happening?

Following identifying your current state of mind, you should investigate why you are experiencing that state of mind. What is it that is leading you to feel this way? Of fact, there might be a million other reasons, and the only way to find out is to ask yourself, as you would a friend, “What is wrong? “Can you tell me what is causing me to feel this way?” Your thoughts will constantly be on the lookout for a solution.

In most cases, your feelings are triggered merely by your way of thinking about the circumstance. Another significant reason for experiencing negative emotions is when our values are not present. Also, when people do not respect them in the present moment.

Take care of yourself

It is possible that basic functioning will be affected as a consequence of the pandemic due to lack of sleep, increased stress, and loneliness. Self-care is essential for maintaining a good connection with your emotions. Maintaining a healthy executive function system is the first step in achieving this goal.

Lack of sleep may impede self-regulation, which means you may have less control over your reactions to your emotions when you’re fatigued. It is one of the reasons you’re more irritable when you’re exhausted. Your bad feelings might sometimes prevent you from falling asleep, resulting in a vicious loop that only serves to exacerbate the issue. The same thing may occur when you are under stress, which means that having a good stress-reduction system can also benefit your executive functions.

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So, what’s the answer to this problem? Find hobbies that you like and include them in your daily routines, such as writing and physical activity, to keep you motivated.

Strong relationships

When we have a trustworthy friend or loved one in whom we can confide, we may also utilize good connections to control our emotions. You normally feel better after unloading your frustrations to a friend.

Engaging in social activities may assist in relaxing your thoughts and even aid in controlling your body’s physical reaction to emotions. Even though we can’t meet individuals face to face as often as we used to, you don’t want to detach yourself from those who were previously close to you.

Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation is a great technique to cultivate nonjudgmental awareness, and it’s simpler than you would imagine. The simple act of considering on how your body and mind are feeling for five to ten minutes every day might help you better understand your emotional routines.

The discipline of doing this might help you deal with emotions in your everyday life. Pay special attention to any emotions that may occur throughout your meditation session and how your instinct tells you to react.

Write it down

Writing down your thoughts and the reactions they elicit might assist you in identifying any potentially harmful tendencies. It’s sufficient to mentally trace your feelings back via your thoughts on certain occasions. Putting your thoughts and emotions on paper might help you think about them more thoroughly.

It also assists you in recognizing when particular situations, like difficulties at work or family conflict, lead to more difficult emotions to manage. Once you identify the particular triggers, it becomes easier to devise strategies for dealing with them more effectively.

When you journal regularly, you will reap the most benefits. Keep your diary with you and write down any powerful emotions or sensations you are experiencing. Make a list of the triggers and your response to them. If your reply did not provide any benefit, utilize your diary to examine other potentially beneficial options for the future.


Mood swings and powerful emotions may lead to unpleasant or undesired thoughts, which can lead to feelings of pessimism or despair resulting from the experience. This vicious cycle might ultimately lead to undesirable coping mechanisms such as self-harm or suicidal thoughts and actions. As a result, it is imperative to take care of yourself and maintain control over your emotions. The goal is to make you a better person!

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