81 Mexican Biy Names that Will Make Your boy Stand Out

mexican Names for Boys


A good name is worth a million Blessings.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most popular Mexican name for boys and other popular monikers used in Mexico for those choosing a traditional Hispanic name for their child. Many of the names on this list have Latin American origins, but not all of them are Mexican in origin. Additionally, we’ve included some cute and unique names for your inspiration.

Mexican names for boys Meaning
Abundio It’s a Latino name that means “abundance.” It is a name with a positive meaning that will bring you and your baby a sense of positivity.
Alejandro The name Alejandro which stands for “defender of man,” is another version of Alexander. The ancient Greek king Alexander the Great ruled the kingdom of Macedon during his lifetime.
Alvaro Besides being a Mexican name, Alvaro is also used in Europe and Latin countries, including Spain, Portugal, and Italy. This name means “all watchful” or “cautious” and could be a good choice for a baby boy.
Ángel This popular Mexican name is derived from the Greek word “messager,” meaning “messenger” or “messenger.”. You can pronounce the name AHNG-hehl in the Mexican language. Believe it or not, the name is the preferred choice among Mexican parents when naming their newborn baby boy.
Amador Boys with this name will undoubtedly be charming from the very start as the name which means “Lovable” and “Lover” is relatively sweeter than other names with the same rhyme and rhapsody.
Antonio Those who want to name their kids starting ‘A’ can pick Antonio — it is one of the most well-known Mexican names. Named after the most famous character in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, Antonio is known for his praiseworthy character.
Arturo People have different interpretations of the meaning of this name. According to the most common meaning, this name is a symbol of “bear strength,” “courageous,” and “nobility.” It certainly exemplifies strength. The name Arthur appears to be another variation of this name.
Beltran This one of the popular Mexican namee with the initial ‘B’ has its roots in Spain. The name carries “bright raven,” which symbolizes wisdom, affection, healing powers, longevity, and fertility.
Benedicto Benedicto in the Latin language is known as “Blessed” and can be picked by parents as a name for their toddlers. This is one of the most common Mexican names parents choose for their male child. This name sounds cute, but it also has a divine meaning hidden in the context.
Bernardo The name which sounds sweet simply stands for “bold as a bear” and can be a strong choice for your male kid. The Bear symbolizes strength, vitality, family courage, and health. It fills the child’s personality with a sense of self-content as the Bear is known for its thoughtfulness and independent attitude.
Berto People named Berto have been found intelligent and like to work in peace and their solitude. The name has been derived from Alberto’s Latin American name, which generally stands for intelligent.
Bruno The name Bruno sounds just sweet and seems trendy. The name is inspired by the German “Brun,” popular among Mexican parents as the name of their male kids. This German-inspired name has no meaningful connotations or context behind it.
Camilo Originally it meant one who helped the priest. This name is the male version of the name Camilla and is very common among male Mexican kids. People with a sense of religious notions can pick the name for their boys.
Carlos The name is derived from the German word “Karl,” which means man or manhood. “Strong” is another connotation of the name that most Mexican parents will find suitable as the name of their male kids.
Cedro This name is popular in the Latin American community; however, it is rarely used among Mexican communities. Since the name is rarely used as the name of the male kids, you can pick it — just in case you want your kid to be known by a name that sounds unique.
Ciro Cero demonstrates royalty with its connotation. The name stands for “throne” or “sun,” Having your male kid named Ciro will be no less than royalty added to his identity.
Danilo This name derived from Hebrew is “God is my judge.” It’s commonly pronounced “Danilo” and sometimes “dyah-nyel” in Mexico. It is the most popular Mexican boy name in addition to being popular in many other cultures and countries.
Dante Dante Alighieri, who is often referred to as Dante, was a famous Italian writer and philosopher. Besides having its roots in Italy, the name has a powerful context that guides to “everlasting.” Mexican male
Dario Dario is also one of the most famous male names among Mexican parents. It means one who upholds humanity and goodness. Dario is perfect for a parent looking for a popular Mexican name with the sweetest virtues ingrained in it.
David David is also a popular Mexican name in many Latin American countries, pronounced dah-been in Spanish. It’s a traditional name originating from the Hebrew language that means “beloved.”
Diego It’s pronounced DYEH-goh in Mexico, which means “supplanter.” Many of you may think that this popular Mexican male name is a Mexican nickname; however, parents in Latin American countries pick it as a full name for their baby boys.
Domenico ‘Domenico’ means “of the Lord” and makes an excellent choice for parents who want to honor God with their child’s name.
Donatello Despite of the name’s lovely meaning, “gift from God,” it became very popular after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series. Parents looking for a Mexican name inspired by cartoon series can pick this name for their cartoon-loving kids.
Eduardo Names like this simply mean prosperous or wealthy guardians. This is a Mexican variant of the English name Edward. Mexican parents who are fans of English names can choose this Mexican variant for their newborn baby boys.
Emanuel One of the most well-known but rarely used names for boys with the meaning “God is with us.”. People with religious virtues can bag this name for their kids.
Emilio To rival, strive, or excel, this name has various meanings. However, all the meanings of Emilio demonstrate a positive vibe. This name can be a good choice for Mexican parents if they are looking for a name with a positive attitude.
Enrico The name Enrico signifies a ruler since the name implies a person who is in control of a home or estate. It is sometimes attributed to having the meaning of “king.”
Esequiel The name, which means “God strengthens,” is a variant of Ezequiel, a popular Latin American name.
Eugenio This name means “one of royal birth.” It reflects royalty. Eugenio González Derbez, a famous Mexican actor, comedian, and filmmaker, was also named after this royal name.
Fabio Fabio means “one who grows beans.” The name has simplicity enshrined in it. Though the name doesn’t sound cool, it’s still one popular Mexican name Mexican parents prefer to reserve for their kids.
Fausto Fausto, which means “lucky” or “fortunate,” can be perfect for your lucky charm. Since the name has luck attached to it, it will keep your kids’ attitude positive throughout his life, no matter how hard or easy his life goes.
Felipe This name, however, originates from Greek but has popularity around the globe. Not only do the people of the Mexican community prefer to call their kids by this name but also Latin American parents choose this name for their kids.
Felix This is a popular Latin American name that means “lucky” or “happy.” It is the perfect Mexican name for a happy-go-lucky kid.
Fernando For the young adventurous souls, Fernando is a perfect name. The name means “adventurous” or “daring.” if you think your kid has an adventurous attitude, you can have this name reserved for your newborn male child.
Fidel This is the more modern version of the Latin American name “Fidelis,” which means “faithful.” What can be more wonderful than this name for your child?
Frederico Frederico is said to be the “one who rules in peace.” Any Mexican parents would like to have this name reserved for their kid to keep him motivated for making his name in the world.
Gaspar This name is rooted in Greek and Persian mythology. The name means “treasurer” in the Greek and Persian languages. It is also said to be a unique and sweeter version of the Greek name Caspar and Jasper.
Geraldo The name with Spanish roots means “one who rules by the spear.” The spear symbolizes courage and confidence and can be the best pick for a Mexican male name. Mexican parents blessed with brave souls can take inspiration from this name.
Gilberto Gilberto, which takes inspiration from the real English name Gilbert, can be a perfect choice for a Mexican name for a boy. It means “bright pledge.” The name has been used in the history of royalty throughout the centuries.
Hector The name Hector in the Latin language means “to hold fast” or “tenacious.” While Hector is a popular Mexican name these days, its original version is said to be Hektor. Hektor was, in fact, the prince of Trojan who a great Greek warrior, Achilles, killed.
Hugo Hugo is an interesting Mexican name for boys, which became popular worldwide after Hugo Boss. The name generally stands for intelligent and spirited soul.
Iago The name Iago means “one who supplants.” This popular Mexican male name is inspired by Hebrew, Welsh, and Spanish culture.
Isaias Rooted in Spanish culture, this name stands for “God is salvation.” Mexican parents with religious virtues can have this name reserved for their newborn baby boys.
Jasper Best known for being a gem, Jasper is one of the rare male gem names. The name itself means “one who brings treasure.”
Javier Hailing from Spanish culture, this name is one of the most beloved names among Mexican people. The name means “bright” and refers to a bright future for your baby boy.
Jose The name means “may God add to.” This classic Latin American name is popular among Mexican parents. It is related to the English name Joseph which has been popular in every era of European history.
Juan Do most parents pick a traditional name in Mexico? The name looks classy and sounds simple. The meaning of the name, which is “gracious” or “merciful,” adds humbleness to the identity of a person’s being. And this is the reason why most Mexican European and Latin American parents pick Juan as the name of their baby boys.
Lazaro Lazaro stands for “God helps” or “help of God” and is perfect for the kids of religiously devoted Mexican people.
Leonel It is inspired by Spanish culture. Lionel’s name means “lion,” which symbolizes bravery and can be the best pick for Mexican male kids.
Lorenzo It means “from the laurel trees,” another version of “Laurence.” The nature-loving boys better relate to this name, and Mexican parents look no further than this when thinking about picking a perfect name for their nature-admirer kid.
Luis The name, pronounced as LWEES in Mexico, is equally popular in Latin American countries. This name has its origin in the moniker Louis which is deeply rooted in the history of French royalty. The name means “famous warrior” and can be your pick if you in any way are looking for a Mexican male name inspired by history.
Manny Manny sounds short and sweet. It is a common name for boys in Mexico. This name has been derived from the name Emanuel. Most parents will prefer his name when they desire a Mexican nickname for their kids.
Mateo Referring to Yahweh as the Hebrew god Matthew means “gift of Yahweh.”
Second, on the list is Mateo which is pronounced mah-TEH-oh. It has retained its popularity in Mexico as a boy’s name. During the 2010s, it became more popular in the United States.
Neron This name means “strong” or “stern.” This name is common for a strong baby boy with brevity enshrined in nature.
Oro This name has roots in Spanish culture, which means “gold.” Though it is not one of the popular Mexican male names, it is still a great name for your male child seeing the value lying in the name.
Oscar It means “dear friend.” While the Gaelic language inspires this name, it is still considered one of the most popular names in Mexico for male children.
Pasqual Pasqual is a name that relates closely to Easter. It is based on the “Passover” and will be a name loved by the devout.
Patricio Patricio is the male version of Patricia. The name means “noble” and is a good name for young boys that you envision growing into gentlemen.
Pedro A different variation of the name Peter Pedro means “rock” or “stone” and is a strong name for your strong baby.
Pirro Pirro means “red hair” or “hair on fire.” If you have a little red-headed boy, this is a very accurate name for him.
Pueblo Although the name may sound similar to Pablo, they have very different meanings. Pueblo means “from the village or town.”
Quinn Quinn is the perfect unisex name and can be used for little boys and girls. It was originally an Irish name and meant “descendant of Con.”
Rafael Another version of the name Raphael the name is well known for being the name of one of the archangels. It means “God heals.” This version of the name originated first in Spain before making its way to Mexico.
Raimundo This name is now common in places like Mexico, with origins in Old German. It means “to protect wisely” and is another version of Raymond’s name.
Ramirez A variant of Ramiro Ramirez is a name that means “judicious” or “renowned counselor” It has roots in Old German, Portuguese, and Spanish.
Raul A popular Mexican American baby boy name Raul originates from the Spanish language and means “Wolf Counsel.”
Renaldo This name has its roots in different places, and many variations are still used today. It means “ruler” or “counselor.” it is a variant of names such as Reynold Reginald and Ronald.
Ricardo Ricardo is a mutated name of Richard, which means “strong or powerful leader.” The name signifies strength and power and is an excellent Mexican name for your baby boy.
Salomon This name is another variation of Solomon, which means “peace.” The original Solomon has its inspiration in Hebrew culture, which is well known Mexican name because of King Solomon, who is considered the wisest man in the world.
Salvatore The name means “savior.” This name has been combinedly taken from Italian and Greek culture. Salvatore is an excellent choice for male children of Mexican parents.
Santiago You can pronounce it sahn-TYAH-goh. This name may also have been derived from the Spanish words for “saint” and “James.”
Sebastiano A Latin-based name to bless your child with Sebastiano is a variant of the name. “Sebastian” means “the revered one,” which further implies respect, admiration, and honor.
Silverio Silverio is also a popular Mexican boy name that has been picked after the Greek name Sylvanus. The name refers to the “god of trees” mentioned many times in Greek mythology.
Teodoro With its root in the Greek language, Teodoro is a popular Mexican male name. Teodoro has taken inspiration from the Greek name “Theodore,” which means “gift of God.”
Tomas Based on the name Thomas, the Spanish version of Tomas originated. The real meaning of the name is “twin,” which symbolizes strength and unity.
Toro It derives its name from the Latin name Taurinus, which means “bull.”. A different spelling of Taurus, one of the zodiac signs known for its resemblance to the bull.
Vincente The word Vincente is Italian for “conqueror .” Latin is the origin of the name Vincente. It is a favorite among people from the United States, France, and Spain.
Videl The Mexican people love this unusual yet cute name. Names with the meaning of “life” could be an attractive choice for naming your baby boy.
Virgillio Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian influences can be found in the name Virginio. “Floridity” and “profit” are their meanings, and it is ranked among the most elegant names among Mexican communities.
Xavier This name means “new residence.” After Saint Francis Xavier, Xavier became a household name. He is reported to have been born in the same name as the village he grew up. After he spent time in China, India, Japan, and other countries doing missionary work, this name became famous.
Zacarias This name has been picked after the famous biblical figure Zechariah. In the Bible, Zechariah is the name of John the Baptist’s father. It is an expression of memory, representing God’s faithfulness.


How to Pick the Right Name

What calls into question in the course for the concerned parents is picking the right name for their male child — the proper name that goes well with the culture and character of their bloodline. If you are also a concerned Mexican parent, the post is worth checking out. 

Here are some critical points for Mexican parents to keep in mind when picking a name for their young ones:

Pick a Name That Goes Easy on Tongue 

It is generally accurate to say that religious and historical names, alongside some popular names, continue to be the most popular baby names in Mexico from year to year. There are, however, some new trends in baby naming that are beginning to creep in. Not just the name you pick for your baby boy needs to sound simple, but it should also be easy to pronounce. 

While the names like Mateo Diego Santiago and others carry the religious virtues within many popular Mexican male names, e.g., Maximiliano Emiliano Leonardo, hang onto the inspiration taken from history. You being a parent has complete liberty to pick a name for your male child whatsoever you prefer; however, the one that goes easy on the tongue will be the right pick.

Choose the one that is Difficult to Misnaming or Misgender

The principle is going parallelly with your child’s naming. It’s utterly humiliating to have your name mispronounced every time someone calls you. Or being called by a word that doesn’t refer to you will add more embarrassment to your social dignity. So when picking a name for your child, make sure that you are not choosing the one that is easy on misnaming or misgendering. 

Being called by a name that sounds humiliating or feels not-that-graceful will lead to losing pride while leaving your identity with a black mark. 

So what’s the way? Don’t assume your child’s name as a social media userId that you can change now and then. Picking the right name that is not easy to be misnamed or misgendered can save your child from falling into misnaming and misgendering. 

Your child’s name is for the lifetime identity and isn’t worth changing at the comfort of your liberty. Your child’s name will go all along the paths of academics, banking & finance, and other such undertakings in life. Picking it once will be the put-down for the lifetime — just in case the name is carelessly chosen without considering the aspects of misnaming and misgendering. 

Picking A Trendy Name will Do

Trends keep coming and going. What you think of a name to seem old was once in trend. Don’t go far. Just think of your name and then recall your generation’s Mexican male names, topping the chart as the favorite name choices among parents. Going by trend is good. Keeping the search in sync with the trend will bring a bundle of choices when looking for a trending name for your child. 

Who sets the trend? And what makes picking a trending name for your child a worthy choice? Of course, a valid query. And the answer is just around you — the celebrity figures from different vertices of life such as film stars, singers, sportspersons, athletes, etc. Celebrities of all lengths and breadth set all the trends showing up around. Whether it’s fashion, a sport, or any other lifestyle attribute, celebrities just come up with a style of their own — which once and for all turns out to be a trendsetter. 

It’s good to go with the trend: Irrespective of your diverse preferences for Mexican names for boys picking a name must not go by compulsion of any kind specifically that leans on social media influence. When picking a name for your child, you have all the freedom to go or not to go by the trend — it’s your choice to agree or disagree with the trend. However, picking a trending name for your child will give him a positive and pleasing vibe when socializing with the kids of his age group. Any other name that looks oldy will trigger a sense of stigma — if not in all but some scenarios.  

Mexican Names Not worth Picking

Though there are thousands of name options to have your best pick, the names mentioned above are some popular Mexican male names that you can get one from. Choose a name that can hardly be misnamed, misgendered, mispronounced, and misinterpreted with wrong references and contexts. Picking any name with hidden offensive or objectionable contexts may leave your kid with a mark of humiliation for the rest of his life. 

Though you have all the liberty and wisdom to pick any name of your choice, getting a name that goes well with the tongue and trends will be the right one. So be wise and find names with religious, historical, or ancestral references that are high and mighty and can be the best pick for Mexican male names. 

Pick a Name with a Meaningful Context 

It is pleasing to plan everything for your toddler in waiting; however, handpicking a name for your soon-to-be-born kid might sometimes be beyond your ken, i.e., too confusing to settle on a sweet one. However, you get to have one for the new bundle of joy in all likelihood. Remember that contexts matter when concerned about picking the right name for your newborn. People with Mexican ethnicity or cultural or religious heritage can relate to what we are going to put forward. 

You, the soon-to-be parent, must be high on the energy and enthusiasm for the time of bliss coming — it’s the feeling of every parent. It is evident that your super excited parenting soul is already on cloud nine with the joy coming to your family but what in the first place needs to be thought about is the name of your kid. Hopefully, you being a curious parent, might have already planned a lot for your baby. 

Pick a Mexican Name with The Right Connotations

What connotations your names hold will determine how people will grasp your conversations. A thorough-paced patriotic Mexican will better find the contexts in the proud ancient history when searching for a name for his young one. However, a man with religious beliefs will carry through the religious sagas and mythologies to find a name wrapped in sacred notions. Connotations contained in a name show how different beliefs of people of the same ethnicity can be. So, believe it or not, the name has a lot of aspects hidden in it while carrying diverse contexts parallelly. 

Whether it’s a Mexican name or of any other ethnicity, a name always has a context behind it — which by far and large holds connotations of a person’s mental and psychological being. A name with a religious purpose conveys the family’s code of beliefs and spiritual virtues since the context behind a name show that the family and person’s intent and psychology matter. Yes, they do matter. 

Pick Mexican Names with Religious/Biblical Connotations 

Biblical names never go out of style despite their popularity over the centuries. Your options are unlimited in deciding what names to include on your list for your unborn bundle of joy. Discover a selection of interesting baby names here and get the perfect Mexican nickname or name in line with your religious preferences.

Check out this list of Biblical baby names if you’re looking for them. This list includes Biblical heroes and apostles from the Old and New Testaments and strong female figures from the Bible. Those who want their children to grow up as proud people of their faith should choose these names. 

Here are the top 30 Religion-inspired Mexican Boy Names to pick from: 

  1. Abel
  2. Adam 
  3. Andrew 
  4. Barak 
  5. Benjamin 
  6. Elon 
  7. Ezekiel 
  8. Gabriel 
  9. Gideon 
  10. Hiram 
  11. Immanuel 
  12. Isaac 
  13. Ishmael 
  14. Jacob 
  15. James 
  16. Jared 
  17. John 
  18. Joshua 
  19. Josiah 
  20. Lucas 
  21. Luke 
  22. Mark 
  23. Matthew 
  24. Noah 
  25. Peter 
  26. Philips 
  27. Simon 
  28. Stephen 
  29. Thomas 
  30. Timothy 

Historical Contexts to Pick A Mexican Name for Your Baby

Historic baby names reflect a sense of forward-thinking. Many parents look to the future when they choose a baby name, hoping that it will become trendy or sound good as their baby grows. In planning for the future, it’s always worth looking backward. 

Briefly, history has a lot to tell us – including what names are destined to sound good for decades. Historically significant names never get old with time as they hold an eternal sense of context and connotations derived from the proud history. 

Here are the top 30 History-Inspired Names for Boys to choose from for your newborns: 

  1. Albert 
  2. Booker 
  3. Cesar 
  4. Charles 
  5. Davis 
  6. Diego 
  7. Ernest 
  8. Francis 
  9. Frederick 
  10. George 
  11. Harry 
  12. Henri 
  13. Isaac 
  14. Jacob 
  15. James 
  16. John 
  17. Langston 
  18. Mark 
  19. Martin 
  20. Miller 
  21. Neil 
  22. Nelson 
  23. Oscar 
  24. Pablo 
  25. Rafael 
  26. Robert 
  27. Samuel 
  28. Sean 
  29. Thoreau 
  30. Winston  

Celebrity Inspired Mexican Names and Nicknames are Trendy for Lifetime

These days celebrities are often the inspiration for the hottest baby names. We are not talking about celebrity baby names here but names that parents have widely adopted as names for their babies. You being a parent, can take inspiration from these celebrity names to steal a sweet and stylish name for your baby boys. 

Besides spicy food and crumbling ancient cities, Mexico has contributed a lot to world culture. Not only that, Mexico is home to some of the most talented individuals on earth. Mexico is known for producing some of the best television films and music stars in Latin America and a league of sportsmen and athletes who took over the global sports singing and cinema space by storm. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top Mexican celebrities here. Pick any one of your liking for your kiddo. Here are the top 10 popular celebrity-inspired Mexican names for boys and girls are: 

  1. Salma Hayek (Hollywood actress)
  2. Gael Garcia Bernal (actor) 
  3. Carlos Santana (the guitar virtuoso) 
  4. Diego Luna (actor)
  5. Alejandro González Iñárritu (film director)
  6. Jimena Navarrete (beauty queen)
  7. Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda (singer)
  8. Eduardo Verastegui (model actor-singer)
  9. Alfonso Cuaron (Film writer & director)

Final Thought 

This was all. We have brought you the ideas to decide on your child’s name wisely. We have got the list of most popular names to your access. Now what remains to do now is — pick the name. The three significant contexts that most parents get influenced by when picking names for their little ones have been compiled above. If you are fascinated by Mexican art culture and beliefs, you will be delighted by the many Mexican names available. 

Now with all being well, you have some inspiration to take from to get a worthy name for your baby, which in some or another way has proud relevance with the Mexican culture and class. If you haven’t yet thought of your newborn’s name, the above note can help you. 

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