Hispanic Names for boys

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Even before the birth of the child the parents are on board in search of names for their baby. Choosing a name for your child can be challenging as a parent. With the number of options available on the internet or the suggestions you receive from family and friends, choosing the right name for your child might seem like a daunting task. When choosing a name, there are many factors to consider. Do you want to honor certain family members? Are you looking to honor different aspects of your family’s culture and history?

You might consider using a Hispanic boy name if this is what you prefer and if you have a Hispanic family history. You can choose from a wide range of options.

However, no worries! Here is a list of some cute yet rare Hispanic baby names to choose from for your child.

1. Aarón Enlightened, mountain of strength, Elated
2. Adán  Man, name of a famous director and actor
3. Agapito Beloved 
4. Borja Tower 
5. Carlos Man, warrior
6. Donato Given, Mexican Army leader 
7. Eduardo Rich guard 
8. Emilio Rival, American writer, actor, and director
9. Esteban crown, wreath
10. Felipe friend of horses, royal name
11. Francisco Frenchman
12. Gabriel God is my strongman
13. Gilberto Bright Pledge
14. Guillermo Will, Helmet
15. Hugo mind, spirit, heart
16. Manuel God is with us
17. Mateo gift of Yahweh
18. Pablo Small, humble 
19. Rafael God heals


Here are some common and famous hispanish names which are commonly used around the world because of their popularity. A survey showed that many parents selected a name simply because they liked it, because of its meaning, because of what it stood for, or because it was original. Parents surveyed said they performed an online search for the name to ensure there were no negatives associated with it.


Some of the common names are;

Amos is a boy’s name of Hebrew and Spanish origin. It means “strong.” Its numerological personality number is 3.

Fin: A Scottish boy’s name. Fionnlagh derives from the Gaelic word fionn meaning “white” or “handsome,” and laugh meaning “warrior.” Its personality number according to numerology is 2.

Jacques: Jacques is a boy’s name of French origin. French variant of Jacob, from the Hebrew name Yaakov, from the word akev, meaning “he who replaces” or “he who supplants.” According to numerology, its personality number is 22.

Omaran: Omarán is an Indian boy’s name. It means “era.” According to numerology, it has a personality number of eight.

Sandro: Sandro is a boy’s name of Spanish origin. It is derived from Alejandro. It has the personality number 8, meaning “defender, protector.” In Greek, alexandros means “defender, protector.”

Rolando : Rolando is the Spanish and Portuguese form of Roland, meaning “famous land.” Rolando as a nod to the classic iPhone game of the same name, may appeal to fans of minor cult video games.

Salvador: From the Late Latin Salvator, Salvador means “savior.” El Salvador was initially called San Salvador, or “Holy Saviour” by Pedro de Alvarado.

Afterwards, Alvarado changed the name to the “slightly” less user-friendly Provincia De Nuestro Se*or Jesus Cristo, El Salvador Del Mundo or “Province of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World.” In the post-federal period, El Salvador was chosen as the best option.

Reynaldo: Reynaldo derives from the Germanic name Reginald, which means “advice, rule.”

Reynaldo dos Santos Silva is best known as Reynaldo, a retired Brazilian professional footballer. Former Belgian club R.S.C. Anderlecht forward began his career in 2009 and retired in 2021.

Santiago: The Spanish name Santiago means “Saint James.” Santiago is the patron saint of Spain, and it has been the top boy name in Mexico since 2009. The song has also become more popular in the U.S., peaking at #71 in 2020.

Valente: From the Latin nickname Valens, Valente means “healthy, vigorous, strong.” The Roman nickname Valens became the Roman surname Valentine. Saint Valentine died on the eve of the Roman event Lupercalia, a fertility festival, in the 3rd century.

As a result, the 14th of February is celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day, and is associated with love.

Therefore, Valente is an excellent alternative to Valentine, yet with the same meaning and connotations of love.

Vasco: Vasco is a Spanish name derived from Velasco. “Basque” is the meaning of Vasco.

We can find the Basque country straddling the border between Spain and France. Basques have their own culture and language, distinct from the national identity of the country in which they live.

According to some, Velasco means “crow” in Basque, but we were unable to find any evidence to prove or disprove this.

Vasco: Vasco is a Spanish name which is a variation of Velasco. There is a Basque country straddling the border between what we now call Spain and France. Basques have their own culture and language, separate from the national identity of the country in which they live. According to some sources, Velasco is the Basque word for “crow,” but we couldn’t find any evidence to support that claim.

Vicente: Vicente Guerrero was the second president of the First Federal Republic and a member of the Provisional Government of Mexico between 1823 and 1824. His name derives from the Latin word vincere meaning “to conquer.” He abolished slavery, pushed for public schools and other liberal policies. Owners of this name can be proud of this national Mexican hero, who had the state of Guerrero named after him.

Victoriano: The name Victoriano comes from the Roman name Victor, which means “the victor.”

Victoriano is an excellent Hispanic name, however, many Mexicans despise it because of Victoria Huerta. Huerta became Mexico’s 39th president following a coup d’état backed by the United States and German Empire. In the subsequent administration, U.S. arms sales went to anti-Huerta forces and Huerta was not recognized.

So now as parents you need to wisely choose whether you want to name your new born baby on popularity or uniqueness.


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