How To Forgive Someone (Even If They Have Really Hurt You!)

How To Forgive Someone (Even If They Have Really Hurt You!)

How to forgive someone who hurt you? Getting hurt is one of the most common attributes of human beings. However, some wounds don’t get filled easily. Well, as they say, forgiveness is not for someone else but for your own peace and sanity. Let’s try to understand the magic of forgiveness in today’s blog post, even if it looks impossible. 

Relationships play a vital role in each of our lives. Some bonds stay there forever and become a source of your strength. However, certain dynamics really hurt and leave us miserable from the inside out. And as much as we try, we cannot forget those memories, and in a way, carry harsh resentment within us, which can be harmful to our well-being. 

So, how to forgive someone, even if they have hurt you? Well, to clearly get the answer of this question, it’s very important to first understand that forgiveness is not about the other person in some cases. 

For example, in severe situations, like when someone might have abused someone. As far as I can comprehend, in this case, forgiveness is not at all about the other person, as crimes like these cannot be ignored in any way. 

However, here, forgiveness becomes a tool for your inner peace. It becomes all about you! That you want to move on and don’t want to carry any bitterness inside you for your well-being! It has nothing to do with the other person then. And it should not be in extreme experiences like these when someone has conducted some crime and stuff. 

As it is said popularly, forgive but don’t forget!

I believe in this entirely, as sometimes you cannot forget and you should not either. 

Forgiveness towards others largely applies to relationships that are important in your life. And you can only make the call for that. Not to mention, sometimes, your closed bonds can also hurt you in a big capacity. And they might do things that are not forgettable and cause you harm. 

Eventually, forgiveness is for your inner peace and sanity.


How To Forgive Someone Who Hurt You?

Here are some of the effective ways to forgive and let go things off your chest!  Please have a look at them!

Accept your hurt and anger:

Yes! You cannot let go of something hurtful if you don’t accept that and continue to live in denial mode. You must accept your hurt and anger so that you can healthily process them. Talk it out if needed. Share your emotions, thoughts, and feelings with your close and trusted ones. So, accept that you have felt hurt because of someone, and then move through that phase. 

Give time to process your emotions:

Of course, when something big or tragic happens in our lives, we get affected by it in a big way. That time, it becomes crucial to give yourself the needed time to process and perceive things realistically. Because it gets quite easy to get into the spiral of unrealistic emotions at that very point in time. Thus, allow yourself the desired time and slowly move forward. It can be a week for you or might be a whole year. You are allowed to take your time. 

Seek professional help and guidance:

Sometimes, even after trying hard, we might not be able to see through those hurtful memories, emotions, and feelings. In that case, seeking out professional help is a better option. Professionals get trained to understand your triggers and reactions. They can better analyse your situation and come up with a more practical and realistic approach for your issues. One should never hesitate to take professional help. It’s your right!

Set boundaries and cut off strings if needed:

As I mentioned above, forgive, but don’t forget. Sometimes, it can never be possible to carry some relationships similarly as they were earlier. Also, there might be some toxic relationships in your life, which are not worth considering. If you cannot cut them forever- it happens a lot within family relationships, then setting boundaries is very imperative. You have to do this to maintain your sanity, as toxic folks are most probably not going to change.

Practice self-love and see the bigger picture:

Self-love is one of the best practices one can ever follow regarding forgiveness, grief, hurt, and a lot of other intense emotions as well. It teaches you to prioritise yourself against all odds. It allows you to see the bigger picture in every situation. Self-love also makes you see good within yourself. Moreover, it makes you prioritise yourself. That we don’t usually do, and then later face the repercussions. Your mental well-being is the most crucial, and there’s nothing more worthy than it. 

Understand it’s not you, it’s them:

Yes! It is very crucial to comprehend that what the other person did to you might not have anything to do with you, but themselves only. It’s the same most of the time! They might have faced something in the past, and consequently, they have become this toxic person. And, therefore, they have hurt you. Hence, you need to understand that they have a problem, not you. Also, thinking this way will convert your anger into empathy, which is a very powerful emotion for letting things go. 

 These were some of the best ways to forgive someone who hurt you. 


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Bottom Line:

Forgiveness is more about you, not the other person. For your well-being, it is imperative to see the bigger picture. You need to move on and set boundaries within your relationships with toxic people. Seeking professional help can be beneficial when you are not able to see through the hurt that has happened to you. 

Forgive, but don’t forget is the main essence for some dynamics, as some people never change. They keep coming back to you to take advantage of you and again hurt you. So, you need to take the call ultimately whether you want to forgive and forget someone’s hurtful deeds or not. It’s your life, your decision! However, always remember to prortise your well-being. 

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